Indie Horror Game Granny Gains Success By Maintaining Consistency

If granny game chrome is full of the common trips to amusement arcades in malls, then you have probably encountered horror games in first person shooter perspectives like House of the Dead. Arcade games have already had its fair share in the midst of the spotlight and its golden age has ended but it will never truly disappear completely. Arcade-style horror games such as Granny have retained the admiration of arcade game lovers though it may be playable in a different platform.

The creator of Granny is Swedish game developer Dennis Vukanovic a.k.a. DVloper who is quite famous for his horror game creations like Slendrina. DVloper is largely a creator for horror games using the Unity development platform, and these are also mostly for mobile platforms. The origins of Granny can be traced back to the Slendrina series. After for mobile devices on November 24, 2017, Granny gained quite a reputation among gamers because of Youtube features with the likes of FGTeev and Random Encounters. The Steam launch of Granny transpired a year after its mobile release and can be bought for $4.99 Granny is still popular in the current scene of horror games.

The game mechanics of Granny are pretty clear cut. Basically, the primary goal of the players is to get out of the house that they find themselves in. The game begins with players waking up in a creepy and unfamiliar house. Along the way, players will come across several equally creepy problems in the house. Not surprisingly, the game’s ultimate boss that players are trembling to confront is Granny, the scary homicidal old woman. To flee, the players would either have to get out through the locked front door or repair a disassembled car in the garage. However, it does not stop with that. In addition to the issues that the players have to collect in order to finish the mission, they will also more than likely run into the Granny’s super scary pets. The final test for any player is to be able to end the game as quietly as possible as Granny is highly vulnerable to any sounds.

In addition to these things, players can also pick from five other game modes. Practice mode is particularly designed for new players. After the practice mode, players can choose from Easy, Normal, Hard, or Extreme depending on their difficulty preference. Players can challenge themselves to complete the game in all these modes.

Granny’s graphics can probably not be likened comparable to today’s contemporary games. Actually, Granny can be compared to an 80s first person shooter game that is featured in amusement arcades. What it lacks in this department, however, it makes up for in game play mechanics and faithfulness in what the game truly is - an incredible horror piece that will keep any players’ heart beat like crazy.

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